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Video: See how GarageBand's new facial recognition feature works on iPhone X

After the educational event that Apple held on Tuesday afternoon, it released updates for several applications. One of them was the GarageBand for iOS, which received a new package with free educational sound effects all to do with the event.

However, something has also been added to the app that will help us not only in the educational aspect, but interesting for all audiences who enjoy making or playing music using Apple devices: by the camera TrueDepth, present on the iPhone X, GarageBand now allows users to use their mouths to do some effects that normally were done manually or with the help of pedals.

This type of resource is a little difficult to explain in writing and, precisely for that reason, the YouTube channel iPhonedo did us the favor of putting the novelty on video and exploring the resource. Check it out below:

The user needs to touch the facial recognition cone and then open and close the mouth to perform the effects.

As shown in the video, the feature ?is not perfect? or ?so fast to use in live shows?, as there is still a small delay. However, it is very good to see Apple using its technology in its own apps something unseen and in landscape mode. This small update alone shows the great possibilities of the TrueDepth sensor and how it can serve to create innovative features.

Really, a very interesting and useful use of very nice facial recognition!

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via 9to5Mac