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Venngage helps you create graphics and infographics online even if you are not a “master” of design

If your work involves a lot of information to handle and you don't consider yourself a master of design, Venngage can help you transform complex data into easier-to-understand infographics. More than 21,000 companies already use the website, including Google, Microsoft, Harvard University, Forbes or Wired.

In addition to allowing the creation of infographics, the platform offers several models of graphs, reports, brochures and resumes. If the inspiration is not very abundant, you can always take a look at the vast selection of examples presented by Venngage.

To start you only need to create an account on the platform. Then, you will have to choose the model that best suits your needs and enter the information. Customization is another highlight of Venngage. The website has a series of visual resources that you can use to make your projects more appealing.

Venngage offers several different payment methods. For those who are still testing the waters, the free option may be the most suitable. Those who want to help their company improve the graphic items it produces can choose the business modality, for 49 dollars a month or 469 dollars a year. If you work for an NGO or are a student or teacher, Venngage offers payment methods that can be more than account.