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Portuguese startup wants to improve healthcare and creates new "clinical language" in open source

Facilitate the creation and interpretation of clinical protocols and help doctors to apply them effectively in their daily lives. this is the purpose of UpHill Notation, which the Portuguese software startup hospital Up Hill says is the first model of representation of medical protocols at international level, which is already being used in the Luz Sade Group.

In the case of recommendations developed based on scientific evidence to guide the action of doctors in the face of a specific health problem, clinical protocols play an important role in improving health care. However, and according to the CEO of the Portuguese startup, "until now there was no standard to design each protocol". Eduardo Freire Rodrigues compares this situation to "like walking on a highway, where in each municipality the different signs".

To solve this that it says is a "gap", UpHill developed an open source model, making it available for free. After scientifically validated, each algorithm is placed in the application of UpHill and is accessible to the health professionals who developed it or to the entire community. Eduardo Freire Rodrigues highlights, in a statement, the importance of this system.

UpHill team

"We hope that this notation, the first to be made available in open source at the international level, will improve health processes and ensure a high standard of quality in the use of available resources, concludes the founder of UpHill.

In addition, the startup has also created a forum to promote discussion, and where doctors can contribute to the development of each protocol.

Founded in 2016 by three doctors, UpHill is a Portuguese company dedicated to the development of software for hospital management and clinical training. The objective is to increase the degree of effectiveness of health care.