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PhoneSuit launches 2.600mAh compact external battery compatible with iGadgets

Despite our iGadgets using cutting-edge technology, their battery still looks old-fashioned. They last for several hours away from the outlet, but ideally they would work all day.

Bringing a simple and compatible solution with the 30-pin, Lightning and Micro-USB connectors, PhoneSuit launched the Flex, a compact 2,600mAh external battery. To have an idea of ??its capacity, just remember that the iPhone 5 has a 1.440mAh battery.

PhoneSuit Flex

In addition to all this capacity, Flex also has an anodized aluminum housing and a Micro-USB output, so you can connect your iGadgeton the computer. Versions with Micro-USB and a 30-pin connector cost $ 80; j with Lightning, costs $ 85 on the manufacturer's website.

(via Cult of Android)

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