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People love to refuse calls on Apple Watch

We know that Apple Watch has become the gadget favorite of many people who were used to doing everything on the iPhone and now use the watch for part of these tasks. Of course, that would be no different, since Watch is in you most of the time unlike the iPhone, which may not be in your pocket.

With that in mind, could you say what Apple Watch owners do most with their watches? For those who already use the device, it may be easier to respond, based on their daily use.

Anyway, the Creative Strategies did a survey to understand exactly this issue and the results were released by the firm's head of research, Ben Bajarin, on Twitter. Like other studies done by CS, the results were achieved based on early-adopters Apple Watch.

Apple Watch usage chart

In the survey, users were able to select all the activities they perform daily with the Apple Watch, which explains the large number of options. As you can see, just over 80% of users use the gadget for check for new messages, followed by a large number of people who refuse calls by the clock.

Do not delay and actions related to physical activities and health soon they appear on the board, either to check the progress in the Activity app and heart rate or perform a new monitoring of any exercise. For just over half of the respondents, the Apple Watch used to answer calls; finally, about 10% of users swim with the device.

Whether for work or practice, the fact that people are increasingly discovering what a smartwatch and which features are most important. With the Apple Watch Series 4, however, Ma introduced new technologies such as sensors that can perform an electrocardiogram and check for possible drops that allow us to do even more with the gadget.

via Cult of Mac

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