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Mobile World Congress 2020 canceled: Coronavirus interrupts global technology conference

Mobile World Congress 2020 canceled: Coronavrus interrupts global technology conference

information is on the GSMA website, maintainer and organizer of the event, after seeing major brands canceling their participation.

The effort was great in maintaining the event, which is one of the biggest of the year. On the same page where the cancellation was previously announced, we can see all the care and security measures that were being taken to carry out the event.

However, the cancellations announced by us here, started at the beginning of the month, and have been expanding, from one company to a total of 40 companies today. See the full note.

Since the first edition of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in 2006, the GSMA has brought together industry, governments, ministers, policy makers, operators and industry leaders across the ecosystem.

With due respect to the safe and healthy environment of Barcelona and the host country today, the GSMA canceled MWC Barcelona 2020 because global concerns about the coronavirus outbreak, concerns about travel and other circumstances, make it impossible to hold the event.

The parts of the host city respect and understand this decision.

The GSMA and parts of the host city will continue to work in unison and support each other in MWC Barcelona 2021 and in future editions.

Our sympathies at the moment are with those affected in China and around the world.

More updates from the GSMA are on our website and can be found at

The GSMA CEO, John Hoffman, suggested that the event became unworkable due to the coronavirus outbreak. This was announced today at 12:37 pm.

On February 4, it was announced that LG and ZTE would not appear, on February 7, Ericsson announced its departure, as did NVidia on February 8 and on February 10, Samsung, Sony, TCL and Amazon dropped out of the conference.

Other companies also canceled participation in MWC 2020, the complete list of companies that announced that they would not participate in the conference is the following:

  • Amazon
  • Ericsson
  • Global HMD
  • Huawei
  • Intel
  • LG
  • NTT Docomo
  • Sony
  • TCL
  • Live
  • Xiaomi
  • ZTE

We hope that the official announcement of the MWC 2020 cancellation will clarify the situation for the rest of the companies that previously announced events. Now hope that the coronavirus outbreak is contained and wait for MWC 2021.

Some manufacturers have already announced events online, others have yet to comment on the launches that would be presented at MWC 2020. At the moment what can be done to wait.

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