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MM Answers: how to configure Print Presets in macOS?

Sunday with another tip from our column MM Answers, to make a good impression! ?

The question of the day: how to configure print presets in macOS?

One of the features that has changed least in macOS updates, recently, is its print dialog box. The window itself is responsible for general information on how the printing should take place, as well as with settings for printing parameters that can be used by your printer.

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<p>One of the underused features of these print settings is that of <strong><em>Presets</em></strong>, which are the set of settings that you want to configure for a particular print, but that can be saved as a default for other future uses.</p>
<p>Let's go?</p>
<h3>Configuring the Printing Presets</h3>
<p>After choosing what you want to print, use the keyboard shortcut P or v to the menu <em>File Print</em>.</p>
<li>In the print dialog box, if the configuration details are not being displayed, click on ?Show Details?;
<p><img src=

  • Set the parameters you want for your printer, such as Media / Paper type and Quality, Layout, Paper Management, Cover Page, etc .;
  • In the menu Presets, select the option ?Save Current Settings as Preset?;

    Save current settings as Presets

  • Define a name and, if available, select between ?This printer only? or ?All printers?.

    Presets - Name

  • In the next printout, if you want to use your print settings, just select the created Preset. I use this a lot to save ink on the most frequent prints. Did you like it?

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