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Like Steve Jobs, Tim Cook is also crazy about design

Steve Jobs, former CEO and co-founder of Apple, was certainly incredibly addicted to design. Of the many stories we have already published about this intense love, the one that draws my attention the most is that the Google logo has changed because of Jobs. One Sunday morning, he decided to call Vic Gundotra, then responsible for all Google mobile apps, saying that this was an urgent matter. Jobs wanted to change the yellow gradient of the second O the search giant's logo, because he ?was wrong?.

This incredible attention to detail was and is still largely responsible for the success of the Cupertino giant, as this culture is embedded in all sectors of the company. When Jobs resigned as CEO, many challenged Apple's future. However, it seems that this love of design will not die anytime soon in the Infinite Loop offices.

iPad mini lying with pencil

Nick Bilton wrote a column for The New York Times last Sunday (01/13) about how design is getting more important than technology. Within the paragraphs of the article, Bilton cited a good example that shows how Tim Cook, known for his skills in the area of ??operations, is also crazy about design.

Last year, at the Apple event to announce the iPad mini, I was touring the zoo of devices that the company assembles after each product launch. When I turned the corner, I ran into Timothy D. Cook, Apple's chief executive, who immediately wanted to show me something.

Nick, look at this, Cook said as he held the miniaturized iPad in the air, running his hand along the edge as if he were about to perform a magic trick. Then his index finger stopped, asking for attention as he pointed to two flat black buttons that were on the side. Just look at these volume buttons. Have you seen anything like this? Aren't they fantastic?

What impressed Bilton most was not Cook's buttons or excitement, but the fact that he didn't even talk about the technology behind the new device. He talked about one thing: design.

This excitement with design was not exclusive to Steve Jobs, although he has achieved a much higher level of attention than many will ever achieve. According to Jim Dalrymple, from The Loop, in all the meetings he has had with Apple executives, design was the first topic to be addressed. By breathing and feeding on this immense love for how things look and work, Apple develops one of the best computers, cell phones, tablets and music players in the world.

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