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iSmartAlarm is a complete and affordable security center, compatible with iPhones / iPods touch

Unfortunately, we need to protect ourselves from people with bad intentions. In addition to our own safety, we also need to make sure that our family members and (why not?) Gadgets are far from danger.

Aiming to make security centers more accessible and integrated with the modern life we ??lead, Raymond Meng launched the project iSmartAlarm on the website crowndfunding Indiegogo. Several sensors and alarms for doors can be installed, all communicating with CubeOne, the brain of the system. Scalable, you will be able to add more cameras or other peripherals in the future.


Through your iPhone / iPod touch, you can control the cameras installed in your home and also receive notifications when a sensor is activated. Thus, it will be possible to call the police straight from work if something bad is happening at home, for example. An auxiliary device also controls the system if the user does not have an iGadget in hands.

Using an open architecture, other developers / companies will be able to create products compatible with iSmartAlarm. The possibilities are really great and exciting to see an interesting initiative like this.

Check out a promotional video of the system:

Still in the fundraising phase, you can purchase iSmartAlarm packages ranging from US $ 80 to US $ 400 on the project page on Indiegogo. The project has already raised nearly $ 10,000 and still has 43 days to reach its $ 100,000 goal.

(via Engadget)