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Feeder is a great RSS extension for Safari and Chrome

Feeder logoWith OS X Mountain Lion (10.8), Apple also released Safari 6 and Mail 6, abandoning native support for RSS. With that, we were forced to use some third party solution, be it on the web, like Google Reader, or some native app like RSS, Reeder, Caffeinated, Cappuccino, Gruml, Pulp, Times, Vienna , among many others already highlighted by us.

But if you are looking for a simpler solution, in the form of an extension for Safari or Chrome, you will like the Feeder. With it, we have access to feeds right through the browser bar. And the best thing is that we can add them manually or synchronize the Google Reader account with it, what a hand on the wheel!

You can also export / import the sites you subscribe to by extension, change between two themes (one light and one dark), create folders to better organize your lists and open unread links individually or all at once, and you can also choose whether to open them on the active page or in a new tab. In addition, the Feeder is compatible with the Notification Center (Notification Center) of Mountain Lion. As we can see, even though it is a simple extension, the Feeder is very powerful.


The free Feeder you can make a donation to the developers by the extension itself, is in beta and can be downloaded through its official website.

(via Beautiful Pixels)

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