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Educational event: students will have 200GB free on iCloud; Apple announces new School Project app and Classroom version for macOS

The new iPad is a very interesting bet from Apple to once and for all conquer classrooms in the United States and around the world, but it is not only coming to Ma, it also made a series of advertisements to fill the eyes of students and teachers at all the corners of the planet.

Want an example? From now on, students will have 200GB free storage on iCloud a considerable leap from the 5GB currently available to all of us, mere mortals. We do not know if there are plans to expand this offer to other types of users (apparently, not) or if it is also valid for Brazilian students, but we will keep an eye out.

Apple also recalled the iPad's multiple users feature at school, which has been around since 2016 and also announced two Logitech accessories for the new iPad: one stylus christened Crayon, which costs $ 50 (half the price of Apple Pencil), and a keyboard case of $ 100.

Susan Prescott announced that the app Classroom (Classroom), used by teachers to remotely see what children are doing on the iPad and control them if necessary, is coming to macOS in June, with a beta version available immediately.

Classroom app for iOS and macOS

Masters and teachers will also have a new app available, called Schoolwork (School Project), which, as the name says, is perfect for passing tasks to students and monitoring their progress. With it, it will be possible to attach PDFs, documents and insert links in tasks, as simply and easily as sending an email, according to Apple, and developers will also be able to integrate their apps into the environment through the API ClassKit, enabling teachers to assign specific tasks within other applications.

Schoolwork app for iOS

The School Project brings, of course, a complete history of each student and the possibility for the teacher to follow the progress of the last task with each of the students; the data is accessible only by the teacher and no one else. The application will be available from June, before the turn of the school year in the northern hemisphere.

Another tool that promises to be a valued partner for teachers around the world is called Apple Teacher: it is an online learning program for teaching professionals to build their skills, show progress in the trade and be inspired to always do more. In that technique, Apple announced that it just delivered its 1,000,000 badge (badge) amazing teachers, right?

In relation to Swift Playgrounds, Apple's programming language learning platform for children, the application is already translated into 15 languages ??and available in 155 countries; now the curriculum of the program Everyone Can Code (which points out the platform's learning guidelines) is including a module focused on augmented reality, following the AR skills brought by the new iPad.

Apple's Everyone Can Create Initiative

In addition, a new curriculum is being created today: the Everyone Can Create (?Everyone Can Create?), based on the idea of ??using technology to stimulate and unleash children's creativity in the classroom. The subjects are separated into four themes (music, video, photography and drawing) and will use Apple tools to deepen students' creative abilities, whether using Apple Pencil to draw details on a historical photo or teaching basic video editing concepts. , with audio recording and soundtracks.

The new curriculum is being released today, in a previous version, and is expected to expand considerably over the next few months.

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