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Disney plans to transform real toys into virtual characters through Infinity

The virtual and the real world are becoming more and more one. Several applications already use augmented reality to turn an environment into a game or even locate stars in the sky.

Disney's Infinity

Now, Disney is also entering the business, with a very interesting and creative idea that plans to captivate both children and adults. Using real toys from its most famous franchises, as well as Pixar's, along with smart pedestals and games for mobile consoles and platforms, the Infinity a major initiative by the company to modernize action figures.

John Lasseter, creative director at Disney and Pixar, went so far as to compare the experience of playing with dolls in a large room, noting that this room is actually a huge three-dimensional virtual world. Characters of Monsters Inc., Pirates of the Caribbean and The Incredibles will be the first to win their version for Infinity. The developers also told the Polygon who are studying the possibility of bringing also Star Wars and Marvel dolls.

Check out a promotional video:

The release date and features of the iOS games have not been announced, but the first version of Infinity for consoles (Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii, Wii U and Nintendo DS) should arrive in June 2013, with more than 20 characters available. A starter kit will cost $ 80, the game (for consoles) will cost $ 35 and a doll will cost $ 13.

(via TechCrunch, AppleInsider)