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Deezer releases retrospective with songs and artists most heard in 2019 | Players

This Wednesday (27), Deezer released the top 10 most heard artists in Brazil in 2019. The ranking led by the sertanejos: the singer Marlia Mendona occupies the first place, followed by the duo Z Neto & Cristiano and the singer Gusttavo Lime. The company also announced the launch of "My Deezer Year", an annual retrospective of users on the streaming platform. The novelty follows the style of Spotify Wrapped and offers a summary with the most played artists and songs, the audio time, among other curious discoveries. The resource will be available to users from tomorrow (28).

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Deezer reveals the most heard artists of 2019 Photo: Helito Beggiora / TechTudoDeezer reveals the most heard artists of 2019 Photo: Helito Beggiora / TechTudo

Deezer reveals the most heard artists of 2019 Photo: Helito Beggiora / TechTudo

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Leading the podium, Marlia Mendona was also crowned in the list of the most played albums with Todos os Cantos, Vol. 1 (Live), champion of plays in 2019. In addition, the "Queen of Sofrncia" was the only singer to score more of a song among the 10 most heard in Brazil. The ranking shows that the sertanejos dominated the Brazilian ears this year. Among the top 10 artists of 2019, seven are of the genre. However, Anitta (4 position), Ferrugem (9 position) and Dilsinho (10 position) break the hegemony with pop and pagode.

In the list of the most tuned songs, the strength of the sertanejo appears again: the great champion was "Lenol dobrado" by ANALAGA and Joo Gustavo & Murilo, followed by "Atrasadinha", hit by "pagonejo" sung by Ferrugem and Felipe Arajo.

When analyzing the most played EPs, Brazil has four songs among the 10 featured: From January to January, by Roberta Campos, it was the third most heard track globally on Deezer. Marlia Mendona is also on the list: her 6th place, with EP of the same name. The album was followed by two other Brazilian EPs: Pearl, by Rubel, and Riscos e Certezas, by the Sorriso Maroto group.

Closing the presence of Brazil in the global ranking, Anitta is in the 10th position among the most listened to artists globally, and the album O Embaixador (ao Vivo), by Gusttavo Lima, is in tenth among the most heard albums in 2019. In the list of artists foreigners most played in Brazil, in turn, the first place of Ariana Grande. Soon after the owner of the hit "thank u, next" came the singers J Balvim and Ed Sheeran.

Deezer My Year brings musical retrospective of the year of the users

Along the lines of Spotify Wrapped, the streaming company launched the retrospective "My Deezer Year", available on the website starting tomorrow, Thursday (28). With the resource, the user will be able to check how much time he spent in the service, his top artists and music, in addition to fun curiosities.

Deezer promises to reveal, for example, your animal spirit (based on BPM), the decade that you would relive if you could go back in time, the track that you are secretly loving, your "new crush" as an artist, among other discoveries.

The streaming platform will also provide the songs most listened to by the user in a special playlist. 'Top 2019' is next to Flow on the homepage and brings the 50 most loved tracks by the listener in 2019. Next, check out this year's Top 10 national and global rankings.

Deezer My Year brings a musical retrospective of users in 2019 Photo: Marvin Costa / TechTudoDeezer My Year brings a musical retrospective of users in 2019 Photo: Marvin Costa / TechTudo

Deezer My Year brings a musical retrospective of users in 2019 Photo: Marvin Costa / TechTudo

Top 10 artists Brazil 2019

  1. Marlia Mendona
  2. Z Neto & Cristiano
  3. Gusttavo Lima
  4. Anitta
  5. Jorge & Mateus
  6. Henrique & Juliano
  7. Wesley Safado
  8. Matheus & Kauan
  9. Rust
  10. Dilsinho

Top 10 songs Brazil 2019

  1. Lenol Dobrado – ANALAGA, Joo Gustavo and Murilo
  2. Delayed – Ferrugem, Felipe Arajo
  3. Jealous- Marlia Mendona
  4. Single No Trai – Gustavo Mioto
  5. Guinea Pig – Lauana Prado, Maiara & Maraisa
  6. Much Worse Than Me – Marlia Mendona
  7. "I will have to overcome it – Matheus & Kauan
  8. Infarction – Diego & Victor Hugo
  9. Decadent State – Z Neto & Cristiano
  10. Everyone Will Suffer – Marlia Mendona
  1. Todos Os Cantos, Vol. 1 (Live) – Marlia Mendona
  2. The Ambassador (Live) – Gusttavo Lima
  3. Forget the World Outside (Live) – Z Neto & Cristiano
  4. Have Fashion For Everything – Matheus & Kauan
  5. Pleasure, I'm Rust – Rust
  6. Terra Sem Cep (Live) – Jorge & Mateus
  7. Less More – Henrique & Juliano
  8. Acstico de Novo – Z Neto & Cristiano
  9. Neverland (Live) – Dilsinho
  10. Ass Explains Everything (Live) – Henrique & Juliano

Top 10 global artists 2019

  1. J Balvin
  2. Nest
  3. Marlia Mendona
  4. Jul
  5. NLP
  6. Ed Sheeran
  7. Nekfeu
  8. Ariana Grande
  9. Queen
  10. Anitta
  1. Malo Jaci Gas – Mili, Surreal
  2. What Is Love – Haddaway
  3. From January to January – Roberta Campos
  4. Doucement – Makassy
  5. Amsterdam Twerk Music- Yellow Claw
  6. All the corners – Marlia Mendona
  7. Pearl – Rubel
  8. Risks and Assumptions – Sorriso Maroto
  9. Narcotic – Liquid
  10. On se connait – Youssoupha

Top 10 global albums 2019

  1. Destin – Nest
  2. Deux frres – NLP
  3. Brol – Angle
  4. NAKAMURA- Aya Nakamura
  5. Todos Os Cantos, Vol. 1 (Live) – Marlia Mendona
  6. Jeannine – Lomepal
  7. Les toiles vagabondes: expansion – Nekfeu
  9. En esprit – Heuss L'enfoir
  10. The Ambassador (Live) – Gusttavo Lima

Deezer: see curious features of the music app

Deezer: see curious features of the music app

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