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Apple shares break new record and company now worth $ 1.121 trillion

If you are a shareholder of Apple ($ AAPL), you can celebrate!

Apple Aces

After breaking a new record yesterday, the company's shares rose again today (3/10), reaching an $ 232.07 (a high of 1.22% compared to Tuesday).

The maximum during the NASDAQ trading day reached $ 233.47 (value also never reached before). With today's rise, Apple's market capitalization is now at $ 1,121 rail!

THE Amazon ($ AMZN), which a few weeks ago surpassed the $ 1 rail mark, ended the day with a market cap US $ 952.441 billion, while the Microsoft ($ MSFT) is at $ 883.149 billion and the Alphabet ($ GOOG), at $ 840,967 billion.

Remembering that Apple's news for this year is not over yet. According to rumors, we will also have new iPad Pro and new Mac launches in October, which may help even more in the performance of Ma's roles. ?

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