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Apple executives receive millionaire award

Some Apple executives received a great deal in restricted shares in the past week as an incentive to beat the performance targets required by the company. According to reports sent SEC, the "winners" with the shares of Ma were the head of retail Angela Ahrendts, the financial director Luca Maestri and the director of operations Jeff Williams.

Each of the aforementioned executives received approximately 44 thousand restricted shares, equivalent to working time. This incentive is given every three years to the company's directors who remained in their positions during the period.

In addition, they won an award based on the performance of the company's shares. Like the amount delivered to the company's CEO, this stock is only passed on if the return on the number of Apple shareholders meets certain criteria, as we explained in last August's article.

As Apple exceeded its expectations in the latest index of the S&P 500, the incentive related to the performance of the roles of Ma tripled and each received approximately 132 thousand restricted shares of the company, which is equivalent today to $ 30 million.

However, of the amount of each, Apple retained around 68,000 shares to pay taxes and fees; even so, the executives were left with the ?bargain? of 64 thousand shares (US $ 14.5 million).

Almost nothing, huh? ?

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We have already commented on several cases of departures and departures from Apple executives or to the company. This time, however, the Ma team grew more than it decreased, and two areas of the company will receive new names. Let's see who they are?

Former BBC Radio DJ joins Apple Music team

In a video posted on his Instagram profile, the DJ Charlie Sloth announced that he left BBC Radio after almost ten years at home. Sloth currently presents the ?The 8th and The Rap Show? on British radio and their last participation will take place on November 3rd this year.

Several sources familiar with the matter said magazine Music Business Worldwide that the DJ was hired by Ma to present a new worldwide program on the Apple Music radio, the Beats 1. In addition, he can contribute to the creation and curation of playlists of the service.

In the video, Sloth said he is looking for new challenges and will soon disclose what his plans for the future will be. Although Ma has not commented publicly on the possible hiring, it is likely that the DJ will take the program "Fire in the Booth" for Apple Music, as Sloth owns the franchise rights and the BBC license.

Apple already has a history of hiring other professionals who worked on British radio, following the example of himself Zane Lowe, who runs Beats 1 radio. The DJ was hired by Ma in 2015, after working on BBC Radio for almost a decade.

Former executive of American health organization

Last February, we commented on Apple's initiative to open health clinics focused on serving its employees, the so-called AC Wellness. Despite not having announced news of this project, Ma is investing in hiring doctors, nurses and health professionals in general to work in the service.

In this sense, the Cupertino giant hired the former executive of the NGO Fairview Health Services, M. Osman Akhtar, to manage your future health clinics, as disclosed by CNBC.

According to the website, Akhtar will join the team of Dr. Sumbul Desai, a senior employee of Apple's health team (hired in 2017) who works on the company's health clinic project. According to information from people familiar with the hiring, the former NGO executive will also be involved with other Ma services.

As we said, Apple did not disclose much information about these health clinics that will offer "the best health system in the world", only that its launch would take place in "spring 2018", that is, between this month and December. THE CNBC he also informed that Ma has already hired more than 40 people for the new service.

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