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WhatsApp Messenger now lets you play audio even when switching to another app or with the screen off

Good news for those who use the WhatsApp Messenger that is, a good part of the Brazilian population!

The latest update to the iOS app came with a simple feature, but I would say it is long awaited by many. Before, when playing a voice message, you were forced to keep the conversation in question open to listen to everything until the end. In 15 seconds, this is not a problem; but what if someone sends you a voice message of, say, 5 minutes? Would it be great to be able to leave WhatsApp to do other things while the message is playing, anyway?

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This is exactly the possibility that was incorporated in version 2.18.40 of the app: now, voice messages continue to be played if you switch to another application or turn off your screen.

Unfortunately, if you (within WhatsApp itself) leave the chat in which the message is being played and open someone else (say, to reply to a text message), the audio stops playing something that does not happen in the competitor Telegram, for example . In other words, there is still room for improvement in this regard, on WhatsApp.

In addition to this new feature, the messenger now also allows you to view new updates from Status in the widget of the app that is inside the ?Preview for Today? (in the Notification Center).

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