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WhatsApp for iPhone wins call waiting | Social networks

WhatsApp for iPhone (iOS) won, this week, an update that launches the call waiting function in the application. Present in version 2.19.120 of the App Store, the feature allows you to receive calls even when one is still active, similar to what happens with the conventional telephone line. Until then, the app automatically declined a new call if it was busy. Another important novelty arrived in the Beta versions for iOS and Android: the messenger reaffirms expectations and releases function linked to the use on multiple devices.

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WhatsApp wins call waiting on latest iPhone update Photo: TechTudoWhatsApp wins call waiting on latest iPhone update Photo: TechTudo

WhatsApp wins call waiting on latest iPhone update Photo: TechTudo

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The call waiting function allows you to choose to reject a new call or answer it, automatically disconnecting the current one. The contact, however, continues to receive notification that the friend is on another call. The function is activated by default and does not require any manual adjustment in the settings.

Among the changes to the stable version for iPhone is a design with more spaced elements on the conversation screen and a new privacy control that allows to prevent immediate addition in groups. Once enabled in the Settings> Account> Privacy> Groups menu, the feature allows you to define who can add you to groups ("Everyone", "My contacts" or "My contacts, except …"). If an unauthorized administrator includes the user in a new conversation, he will receive a notification to accept or decline the invitation.

Experimental versions, for iOS, and 2.19.345, compatible with Android, reveal a feature called "Registration Notification" that would be used to confirm concurrent login on a new phone. The change indicates that it will soon be possible to use the same WhatsApp account on multiple devices at the same time. So far, the messenger only allows this flexibility using a cell phone and a computer, through WhatsApp Web.

The test version of the app also features a new "Conversation History" menu that allows you to export, archive, clear or delete all chats at once.

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