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Unpacked: Galaxy S20 Ultra and Z Flips are Samsung's new crown jewels

The big day for the presentation of Samsung's news for the coming months has arrived. The Korean manufacturer is anticipating Mobile World Congress to reveal the Galaxy S20, the new generation of its flagship to the world. But not only, there are other revelations already confirmed for the event, namely its new foldable smartphone, the Galaxy Z Flip, officially unveiled during the night of the scars, thus confirming the numerous rumors that the new equipment was targeted.

Samsung officially names its new foldable smartphone: Galaxy Z Flip

Rebecca Hirst opens the Unpacked event in the tone of Samsung's new foldable smartphone. Today we take a new big step forward, with the presentation of the Galaxy Z Flip, thus confirming the name of the equipment. The screen size is 6.7 inches and comes in three colors: mirror purple, mirror black and mirror gold, in this case for selected markets. It was also confirmed that on the small external screen it is possible to read notifications, the hours and answer calls. It has ultra-thin glass, "capable of facing the laws of physics", highlights Rebecca Hirst. It has the first punch-hole system in a foldable smartphone, the so-called "Flex Mode". The smartphone comes with a YouTube Premium subscription.

The smartphone can be used in different positions, namely at 90 degrees as SAPO TEK had already said. It also emphasizes the hinge system, considered the "Achilles heel" of foldable smartphones, with a technology that does not leave cracks or holes where dirt is deposited, thus demonstrating that it has learned from the mistakes of the original Galaxy Fold.

The smartphone launched from February 14, starting at 1,380 dollars.

Roh Tae-moon, the new leader of the smartphone division of the South Korean manufacturer, occupying the position of DJ Koh, and the rest of the team, debuted in the presentations of Unpack, highlighting that the innovation may be given security. In his speech he highlights the capabilities of 5G and leaves the promise of taking the fifth generation to the public. Hand in hand with 5G, it highlights the word "convergence" with AI and IoT experiences that are increasingly part of people's lives. It guarantees even more security in your equipment, highlighting Knox, revealing important partnerships with companies like Netflix that deposit protection in the company.

Galaxy S20 family gets "Ultra" version

This introduction served for the new leader of the mobile division to present the expected Galaxy S20, one of the most "badly kept" secrets of recent times. SAPO TEK has already had the opportunity to try it, in a presentation of the equipment in advance.

At the heart of the experience of the new smartphone is photography. The manufacturer wants to offer its users the best capture experiences, whether at a concert or a birthday party for a child, and for this reason, it has rebuilt the lens set. One of the promises is to keep the image crystal clear after cutting a portion of the image, or when capturing something at a distance with the zoom. The system is aided by artificial intelligence.

Previously Samsung demonstrated to SAPO TEK that instead of sharing only the traditional specs, with number of cameras, megapixels, aperture and zoom quality, the brand made a smart option to share use cases, easier to understand by the consumer, even the who is already considered "pro" in photography. Even in the video, the leaks of the "revolution" promised by the manufacturer are confirmed, when recording in 8K.

Samsung revealed a partnership with Netflix for entertainment. The objective of the partnership is to offer the best experience of integrating its products in the company's smartphones. There will also be exclusive content, like Narcos Mexico's Behind the Scenes on Samsung channels. A partnership similar to what the South Korean company did last year with Epic Games for Fortnite, when receiving the game on an exclusive temporary on Android. When searching for content on the company's Bixby, for example, Stranger Things, the series' episodes will soon be listed to download on Samsung's own system. The partnership thus establishes a greater integration of Netflix in the Galaxy ecosystem.

Still on integrations, the company established a partnership with Google to offer a Google Duo experience, both on the Galaxy S20 and on the Z Flip. The system allows you to send instant messages on video to your contacts, for example. The partnership with Google extends to 5G, foldable smartphones and accessibility on Samsung equipment. The union of the two companies thus aims to establish an effective bridge between the hardware and the operating system.

There is also a partnership with Microsoft for the integration of Xbox in the smartphone, and revealed Forza for the smartphone. More importantly, the manufacturer is on the boat for when Microsoft launches its streaming gaming service, xCloud. Still with regard to gaming, the 120 Hz screen offers sharper and smoother images.

The new Galaxy family receives the Ultra version, with a sensor of 108 MP, which by the demonstration looks like an authentic "telescope" such a distance (x100) that captures images. The Galaxy S20 will come in three shades: Cloud Blue, Cosmic Gray and Cloud Pink. OGalaxy S20 + in Cloud Blue, Cosmic Gray and Cosmic Black. And the Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G: Cosmic Gray and Cosmic Black. The three models will be available in stores from March 13, 2020 in color. The price for the Galaxy S20 is 929.90euros, for the Galaxy S20 + 1.029.9euros and in the 5G version it will be 1,129.90 euros. The Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G has a price of 1,379.9 euros. Pre-sales start today, February 11th. Limited to existing stock, consumers who pre-purchase a Galaxy S20 + or Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G are offered a pair of Galaxy Buds + (price 169.9 euros). There is also a special version inspired by the Olympic Games in Japan.

Samsung also confirmed the new Galaxy Buds Plus, promising more autonomy, as well as sound quality, but above all a microphone system to keep a phone call in places with more noise. The system arrives at the stores on the next February 14th for 169.90 euros.

In Preview

Unpacked starts at 19:00 and as usual, SAPO TEK will follow in real time what is revealed by Roh Tae-moon, the new leader of the smartphone division of the South Korean manufacturer, occupying the position of DJ Koh, and the rest of the team. You can follow the conference with live streaming from the Samsung website. But what do we already know?

The power of the Samsung Galaxy S20

Samsung is considered the most transparent company in the industry when it comes to leaks. Practically all the early news matches the official revelation and the Galaxy S20 has a lot of information, including the advertising video that was the most recent anticipation leak as you can see below.

In fact, the unveiling of the new Galaxy S20 smartphones was unintentionally revealed by the manufacturer at the beginning of the month, on its European commercial platforms. Despite the error of early publication, as they say, once on the internet, forever on the internet and the models were quickly registered by the international press. Firstly, the name change of the line, instead of the 11th generation of the S line, this changed from S11 to S20, just as Huawei does with its models, naming them every 10 years.

The new model features a front camera centered at the top of the screen, in the shape of a punch hole. The equipment will be accompanied by a cover with several built-in LEDs that resemble a starry sky, which makes sense in Samsung's Galaxy.

In the past month new leaks have shown that the next generation introduces a luxury variant in the segment, the S20 Ultra 5G, which will be the state of the art in the smartphone industry. This model can have up to 1 TB of internal memory, expanded by SD cards, internally it will have a maximum of 512 GB. This version will also have options of 12 and 16 GB of RAM. It will have a main camera with a 108 MP sensor, a secondary camera of 48 MP and a third camera of 12 MP ultra wide angle, in addition to a 10X optical zoom.

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