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Uniloc opens its seventh lawsuit against Apple

THE Uniloc has sued Apple for alleged infractions in technologies used in batteries, AirPlay, the automatic dial feature, motion tracking and exercise tracking of the Apple Watch, the Continuity feature, the Apple TV Remote app for iOS and, more recently, because of AirDrop technology. But she didn't stop there, no.

THE patent troll is back now, targeting his efforts in a possible infringement of a patent that covers the configuration of a device when it initially connects to a wireless network.

The lawsuit was opened in West Texas (a location that usually favors patent trolls) and covers US patent number 6,856,616 (provisioning a ?phone? for use in a mobile data network using an identification part number or device identifier).

The patent application was filed by 3Com in 2000 and was granted in the same year; in 2010, Hewlett-Packard (HP) took control of intellectual property (along with more than 1,500 other 3Com assets) as part of an acquisition; in 2017, the patent was transferred to the Uniloc Luxembourg unit; and finally, in 2018, passed on to Uniloc LLC, which is now suing Apple.

The company claims that all models of iPhones (from 5), iPads with cellular connectivity and Apple Watches (Series 1 to 3) infringe the invention. Uniloc seeks unspecified compensation, reimbursement of attorney fees and other benefits deemed appropriate by the court.

With this, we now have seven lawsuits filed by Uniloc against Apple for our accounts. But we will keep an eye on it, after all, everything indicates that the company continues to seek patents from others in order to face Ma in the Texan courts and further fill its bank account.

via AppleInsider

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