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Twitter reveals plan to delete inactive accounts and gives up after complaints | Social networks

Twitter announced last Tuesday (26) that it has plans to start deleting inactive accounts that are not logged. According to information released by the social network, users who have not logged in for more than six months should be alerted via email that their username and profile may be removed. The initial prediction was that the measure would start to take effect on December 11, but users complained to the company, which decided to review the decision.

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Last Wednesday, Twitter apologized and reported that it will only happen in the European Union, due to local privacy regulations, and that it will have a new deadline. One of the biggest concerns of users is related to accounts of people who have died. For these cases, the company assured that it will look for an alternative and that no one will have their account removed until Twitter finds a solution.

Twitter will delete inactive accounts; understand Photo: Helito Beggiora / TechTudoTwitter will delete inactive accounts; understand Photo: Helito Beggiora / TechTudo

Twitter will delete inactive accounts; understand Photo: Helito Beggiora / TechTudo

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Initially, the miniblog's goal was to release usernames to new members and prevent inactive accounts from being hacked. "We are working to clean up inactive accounts and present more accurate and reliable information that people can trust. Part of this effort is to encourage people to log in actively and use Twitter when they register for an account," said a company representative on the website. The Verge technology.

As a result, the site decided to remove inactive accounts for more than six months. Users would be notified by email and would not need to tweet anything to prevent the removal. The guideline was to just log in to Twitter until December 11th to ensure the maintenance of the username. In the warning email, which was sent to some people, the social network said: "To continue using Twitter, you need to agree to the current Terms, Privacy Policy and Use of Cookies. This allows you not only to make the best decisions about the information you share with us, but also keep using your Twitter account, but first, you need to log in and follow the instructions on the screen before December 11, 2019. Otherwise, your account will be removed from Twitter . "

However, shortly after the plans were released, some people complained that the move would affect not only those who left Twitter, but also the accounts of deceased users. Currently, the social network has no means of transforming the profile of someone who died into a memorial, as Facebook allows.

Because of this, the social network returned after the decision, explaining that the novelty will initially apply only to countries of the European Union. In addition, Twitter promised to create a way to memorize these accounts and ensured that none of them will be removed until this solution is created. Finally, the microblog ended by apologizing: "We apologize for the confusion and concern you have caused and we will keep you posted."

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