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Serasa releases consultation to CPF and CNPJ for free during Black Friday 2019 | E-commerce

The data provided in the Voc Consulta report is much more comprehensive than that of the free consultation regularly offered by Serasa. In paid mode, it is possible to access third-party history to reveal pending business and negative notes, lawsuits, bankruptcy proceedings, protests and bad check records, in addition to the situation with the IRS. Outside Black Friday, each consultation costs R $ 35.

To obtain the complete report of stores or autonomous sellers during Black Friday, simply access the page of Serasa Voc Consulta (, fill out a brief registration and include the CPF or CNPJ you wish to consult. The report generated shortly after the request is sent by email in PDF. As of Monday (2), the service returns to the normal price.

This is not the first time Serasa has made a promotional action during Black Friday. In the last edition of the event, in 2018, the company held the same promotion, but for only 24 hours.