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SAPO TEK turns 20 and has 20 awards to offer

SAPO TeK completes today, February 11, 20 years of life. We have been following all the trends of technology for 20 years and in these two decades we have seen a lot to change, from habits of using the internet, computers and mobile phones to the evolution of Portuguese and international technological services and companies operating in Portugal.

There are more than 61 thousand published articles, in-depth dossiers on topics such as the launch of 3G, 4G and now 5G, DTT, the first smartphones, tablets, ultrabooks and convertibles, but also the foldables that now promise to mark the trend.

We saw SAPO grow, which was only five years old when TeK was launched and which was debuting as a content aggregator portal after being a service of pointers. And in the middle it adds up to much more than email and ADSL internet access service (do you still remember what the acronym means?).

But we also followed the growth of social networks, with what they brought about, good and bad, the change in file sharing behaviors for streaming services, and the development of OTT platforms. And we have seen many companies and brands disappear with changing markets.

This is a milestone that we are proud of and that is why we want to celebrate it with all the readers and all the companies we have come across in these 20 years of existence. To this end, we launched today a hobby that will last all month and to which many brands in the sector have joined in order to be able to offer 20 prizes to the 20 biggest fans of SAPO TEK.

just participate in the competition, find the right answers, "hunt" the hidden prizes among the news on the site and win the best gifts!

Good luck to everyone! We want to continue to earn your trust for many more years to come.

Participate and come back every day for more prizes!