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Samsung introduces new 8K displays up to 583 inches

Samsung introduces new 8K displays at at 583 inches

Presenting during Integrated Systems Europe (ISE 2020), which takes place in Amsterdam between today (11th) and Friday (14th), Samsung presented new screen models for commercial use.

Delivering varied solutions in resolution and physical size, reaching 8K and up to 583 inches.

Introduced templates QLED 8K SMART, The Wall for Business it's the Flip 2 updated, with applications for various sectors – from creative, corporate education and more.

QLED 8K Smart

QLED 8K SMART Signage Now, brings the world's first 8K screen capable of working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. O model QPT-8K features exceptional image quality, HDR10 + technology and 100% color spectrum, in addition to 2,000 nits brightness.

The new models are designed for wall mounting and are available in 65, 75, 82 and 98 inch versions, perfect for a wide range of business needs.

"Samsung is making tomorrow's technology a reality with complete display solutions that are more immersive, collaborative and interactive than ever. ISE is one of the best opportunities for Samsung to showcase advanced business applications from our industry-leading displays"said Hyesung Ha, senior vice president of visual display business at Samsung Electronics.

"We are excited to reveal new features and expanded lines of our digital signage with state-of-the-art technology, such as 8K, The Wall's new model, collaborative displays and much more that will provide companies with opportunities they never had before," he added.

The new displays are equipped with the processor AI Quantum 8K, it has built-in 8K AI deep learning and enhancement features that can automatically improve non-8K content for an untouched and realistic 8K resolution.

QLED 8K - Technology allows its use even in hospital environments, where you can see results of image exams in detail.QLED 8K – Technology allows its use even in hospital environments, where you can see results of image exams in detail.

With the simulation mode DICOM, healthcare professionals can view medical images in grayscale, including X-rays and magnetic resonance, for non-diagnostic purposes; Thanks to Samsung's superior display technology, images are viewed with exceptional detail and clarity.

The display has an operating system Tizen 5.5 from Samsung and supports connectivity with up to four different content sources, all of which can be displayed simultaneously in 4K resolution, for a wide range of business use cases where multiple screens are required.

The new QLED 8K screen is also compatible with Samsung's latest comprehensive signaling software solution, MagicINFO 8, making each monitor capable of providing an all-in-one solution for businesses of any size.

The new models will be available globally during the first half of 2020.

The Wall for Business

The innovative use of technology microLED from Samsung allows new features in digital signage. Once again, this year, one of Samsung's most talked-about advances in display technology: the award-winning modular microLED monitor known as The Wall.

Panels up to 583 inches (the largest presented to date)Panels up to 583 inches (the largest presented to date)

Presented last year, the The Wall Luxury presents an unparalleled visual experience with a variety of lifestyle features available up to an impressive 292-inch 8K version.

The line The Wall Samsung offers unlimited possibilities when it comes to size, resolution or aspect ratio, and all monitors are completely frameless.

Samsung is expanding its portfolio for The Wall this year with the The Wall for Business, bringing a wide variety of commercial applications, from control rooms to broadcast centers, lobbies, design centers and more.

The Wall for Business has a wide range of absurd sizes and proportions, with the possibility of varied configuration and customization, from the 4K versions of 219 and 292 inches to the new 8K versions of 437 and 583 inches, the largest ever presented.

Samsung Flip 2

In addition, Samsung also brings Flip 2, an intuitive and easy-to-use digital flipchart, with almost infinite utility in companies, education, creation, retail and others.

The updated display maintains all the most useful features of the original model, with an improved design and new functions to facilitate collaboration, sharing and creative thinking.

Flip 2 - Interactive screen, allows remote collaboration.Flip 2 – Interactive screen, allows remote collaboration.

To help promote better collaboration for users in different locations, Samsung has partnered with industry leader Cisco Webex, bringing together the innovative solution Webex Teams and Webex Roomkit Mini with Samsung Flip 2 display technology.

The Webex on Flip offering, which will be demonstrated at ISE 2020, provides users with a comprehensive set of features in an integrated experience. Webex on Flip, with an intuitive user experience, allows users to seamlessly transition between flipcharts, meetings, presentations and a two-way whiteboard with just a few simple touches.

Created especially for remote collaboration, Webex Teams allows users who join the platform from any location to contribute by sharing their respective monitors simultaneously, facilitating collaboration in real time, regardless of the location of the teams.

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