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Reader puts a 1984 Apple IIc on sale on eBay

O Guilherme Kardel, longtime reader of , this week placed an old classic Apple IIc on eBay.

Apple IIc for sale on eBay

As you can see from the photo above and others published in the advertisement, the unit is apparently in an excellent state of conservation even more considering that a computer from 1984. It does not only go with a mouse and requires a system diskette (ProDOS), but otherwise it's working perfectly.

As ?Nostalgia Moment?, check out the Apple IIc commercial at the time:

Note that one of the great highlights of it, in addition to its compact size (gives the "c", in the name), was the price: below US $ 1,300, hehe. The machine, which weighs about 3.4 kg, comes with a MOS 65C02 processor of 1MHz and 128KB of RAM (expandable to 1MB).

Another advertisement of the time:

The auction on eBay will go live for another eight days and has bids starting at $ 100. Guilherme accepts payments via PayPal and said he dispatches the machine, which is in Porto Alegre (RS), to the whole world.

Last year, we showed here on the website mod curious of a guy who installed the components of a Mac mini G4 inside an Apple IIc. It might be a good idea for that a, huh!