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Quanta Computer plant in Fremont (California) will be responsible for producing Macs in the United States

Last December, Tim Cook confirmed during an interview that Apple invested $ 100 million to produce Macs in the United States.

iMac assembled in the United States

Today, as we commented, the company released its Supplier Responsibility Progress Report and, together with it, also released an updated list of suppliers responsible for the assembly line of iProducts, including detailing which product each company / unit is related to as well as the location of the factory (full address).

List of Apple vendors

In it we see, for example, the Hon Hai Precision Industry Co. (known as Foxconn) from Jundia (So Paulo), which is responsible for assembling iPads and iPhones. But the novelty was due to the factory located in Fremont, California (United States), from Quanta Computer. She will be responsible for assembling the Macs in the country.

It is not yet clear which computer will be mounted there, but the Mac Pro is the most highly rated it should even get an update soon.

(via 9to5Mac)

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