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MyFitnessPal app breach leaks data from 150 million users

On March 25, the very popular nutrition app MyFitnessPal informed its users that it suffered an attack in February, and that an unauthorized source "obtained data associated with the app accounts".

The app has a lot of positive reviews and was already ?Editors' Choice? from the App Store, being constantly among the most downloaded from the store in the category Health and fitness.

The company, owned by Under Armor, announced that the estimate that 150 million users have been infected by the breach and their data has been compromised, including email addresses, logins and passwords. Fortunately, no more relevant or payment-related information has been leaked.

As soon as the company became aware of this, it took steps to understand the nature and size of the problem, and its teams are working with "the top data security companies" to help with the investigation.

As a precautionary measure, all users of the app are being notified, receiving information on how they can protect their data, as well as being advised to change their passwords immediately.

So, if you are a user of the MyFitnessPal app, take the necessary precautions as you have little care!

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