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Manjaro will add support for Snaps and Flatpaks in Pamac

Manjaro will allow users to install Snap Store and Flathub applications directly from Pamac.

Developers Manjaro are working to make Pamac more and more complete with the addition of support for Snap and Flatpak packages. manjaro-will-add-support-to-snaps-and-flatpaks-on-pamac

Pamac would have everything to be the best app store in the Linux world on the desktop, if it were just an app store. = D

Pamac is actually a package manager, similar to Synaptic on Ubuntu or DNF Dragora on Fedora, and even now, before implementing the news that I will present to you in this article, it is already one of the best software in its category.

Available by default in all versions of Manjaro, Pamac does an excellent job of allowing installation via the graphical interface of the programs available in the official Manjaro and Arch Linux repositories, as well as AUR.

As can be seen in the Tweet below in which the Manjaro devs are making a play on paraphrasing The Lord Of The Rings with the phrase One Pamac to rule them all (A Pamac to dominate everyone), the team is not satisfied with the already excellent software, it is now working so that Pamac also provides access to package installation Snap and Flatpak directly from Flathub and the Snap Store.

No dates or versions for the availability of these features have yet been released, but that certainly does not take the shine off the latest news!

Even though it doesn't have that all-perfumed look of an app store, Pamac is really on its way to becoming one of the best ways to install software via the graphical interface on Linux. Even though it does not have the visual appeal of a GNOME Software, Pamac is far from being difficult to use, even by lay users. I think this is a case in which it is really much better to work first on functionality, and leave the perfumery, which also has its importance, for later.

In fact, I find it really cool that Manjaro is adding support for both Snap and Flatpak, while many distros focus on just one. Can we expect AppImage on Pamac in the future? Only time will tell, but I hope so!

And you, what do you think of the news about Pamac? Tell us in the comments below!

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