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iPad Pro 2020 is expected to come with the iPhone 11 Pro camera suite

The Apple device must feature an updated version of the A13 processor, used on the iPhone 11

The line iPad Pro should receive an update later this year, after receiving software improvements in 2019, when it received the first version of iPadOS, the exclusive operating system for the iPad line.

IPad Pro design remains current

O OnLeaks, which has already accurately leaked the design of previous iPad and iPhone models, published renderings of what would be the new iPad Pro, showing that there should be no major design changes. Compared to the rest of the iPad line, the current Pro model (launched in 2018) remains with a very current design.

The biggest change expected for the device is in the rear, which should feature a set of triple camera.

iPad Pro renderThe design should not have major changes, apart from the camera set

Iphone 11 Pro Camera

Apparently, the same set of cameras used in the iPhone 11 Pro installed on the iPad Pro, which would improve performance for photos and videos, and add capacity for augmented reality. The device must have a new sensor Time-of-Flight, which would improve the capacity for augmented reality and depth perception. These sensors will allow new applications of augmented reality, as they offer an improvement of quality in the 3D photographs captured with the current technology of Apple.

Processor improvements

The processor manufacturer TSMC must start production of the new chip Apple A14 to iPhone 12 in the second quarter of 2020. However, the A14 should not reach the iPad Pro, and the most likely that an update of the A13, used in the iPhone 11, should arrive at the device with the name A13X Bionic, replacing the current A12X Bionic.

It is expected that the 5G arrives this year on the iPad Pro, but it is most likely that the feature will only be available in 2021, as Apple should launch 5G first on the iPhone, using modems provided by Qualcomm.

Smart Keyboard

Vendor information suggests that Apple is planning a new version of its Smart Keyboard for iPad Pro. Currently, the Smart Keyboard Folio it has a fabric finish, with a notable absence: illumination of the keys.

Smart KeyboardThe next Smart Keyboard should show key illumination

In the new version, it is expected to have the lighting the keys, an important feature for a tablet of this category and that is already present in competitive keyboards. How will it be necessary to house the lighting case of the keyboard, it is expected that there will also be a change in its design.

It is possible that there will be some change in Apple PencilHowever, there is no information.

Possible Release

The new iPad Pro should appear in the first half of 2020. There are indications that there should be an Apple event in March, for the presentation of the iPhone 9 and iPad Pro, but the iPad Pro announcement may also end up taking place in the WWDC, in June this year.

Source: 9to5Mac