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How to use Inkscape in Full Dark mode

Now see how to use Inkscape with all its interface in dark mode.

Using programs, websites, or even the entire system in dark mode is something that has become increasingly popular with users, and can be a great relief to the eyes of people who spend several hours working at the computer. Now see how to use Inkscape with a full dark look.

how-to-use-inkscape-in-full-dark mode

Inkscape is a vector image and document editor that can be used by the most amateur user, who uses the program only occasionally, even the most professional, who spends several hours a day using the software.

Many users end up having difficulties in configuring a full dark interface, with the menus and also the canvas in dark tones in Inkscape. When accessing the Theme section in the Preferences window, it is possible to change the themes of the interface and also of the icons, and you can even select dark themes. However, in this customization window there is no option to change the canvas color, which remains white even after a dark theme has been selected.

Visual of Inkscape after applying the dark theme, before changing the color of the canvas.

What not everyone knows that, yes, Inkscape has an option that allows the user to select any color to be used as a background for the canvas. That's what we're going to do now!

The procedure

First, let's select the theme to be applied in the software interface and menus. To do this, in the upper left corner click To edit, and then Preferences. In the window that opened, on the left side, click on the section Interface and then on the tab Theme.

As can be seen in the image below, select the dark theme of your choice. If the theme used on your system is the same as the one you want to use in Inkscape, just leave the option Use system theme selected. The theme of icons can also be changed, so if necessary you can also change it here.

Inkscape theme preference page.

Even after performing these procedures, the canvas will still be white, but the rest of the interface will already be using a dark theme.

Now to change the background color of your canvas, in the upper left corner click Archive, and then Drawing properties. In the window that opened, in the lower left corner you will find the section Background. click in Backdrop color, select a color of your preference, and remember to set the alpha channel to 0, thus preventing your images from being exported with a black background (or any other color you have selected).

Inkscape drawing Properties page.

That done, we only have one step left.

At this point the interface of your Inkscape should already be in accordance with the theme that you selected, as well as the canvas should already be showing the color that you chose. To save changes as standard, click again Archive, and then on Save as. Now save the file in the directory / home //.config/inkscape/templates/ with the name of default.svg.

If you are using Inkscape in the version Flatpak, the file of the same name must be saved to:

/ home //.var/app/org.inkscape.Inkscape/config/inkscape/templates/.

Ready! From now on every time you start Inkscape it will be presenting an interface with a full-dark look. If you want to revert the "canvas" to its original settings, just delete the file "default.svg"previously created.

inkscape-in-full-dark mode
Inkscape in full dark mode.

Do you have the habit of using your software in dark mode? Did you already know how to perform this procedure in Inkscape? Tell us more in the comments! Do you like Linux and technology? Do you have any questions or problems that you cannot solve? Come and be part of our community in the forum Diolinux Plus!

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