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How to sell on Instagram: step by step to set up your online store

The Instagram Shopping feature allows you to sell products such as clothes, jewelry, handicrafts, among others, through the social network. To set up your online store you need to have a business profile on the service linked to a Facebook account. It is also necessary to commercialize, mainly physical goods.

AppGeek shows what the tool offers and explains what I need to start selling on Instagram. Also check out tips to make your online store a success!

How to sell on Instagram

In addition to the criteria mentioned above, the user must comply with the network's commercial policies. And, of course, do not sell prohibited items. If you meet all the requirements, you can request the evaluation of your account so that it is considered able to make use of the Purchasing tool.

Check below all the steps to start selling on Instagram.

Download Instagram

If you don't already have it, download the Instagram app, available for Android and iOS. Then, make the quick registration, preferably using the Facebook account that has the associated account.

Create a business account

If you already have a personal profile on Instagram, you should turn it into a commercial. If you don't know, our tutorial on how to convert a personal account to a business profile on Instagram explains step by step.

Link the business profile to a product catalog

Now, you should link the Instagram business profile to a catalog for Facebook products. Through the Catalog Manager, you can create your own from scratch or use an existing model. To do this, follow the steps:

1. Access the Catalog Manager and come E-commerce. Confirm in Forward;

Sell ??on Instagram

2. Now, click Upload product information and then on Create;

3. So, choose View all catalogs;

4. Inside the Manager, see a kind of table. In column Recommendations, click in Configure Instagram Purchases;

5. On the page that opens, go to Use cases Shopping on Instagram Connect profile;

sell on instagram

6. In the next window, click Add a new Instagram business profile;

7. Log in to your business account and, ready, it is linked to the catalog.

Now, you need to register for purchases on the Instagram app. After opening the application, follow the path: photo with the profile image of the three lines icon in the upper right corner Settings Company Sign up for shopping.

When the option opens, tap Continue and then on Send to analysis. According to Facebook, the registration approval process usually takes days, but it can take longer.

In some countries, it is possible to link your profile to a catalog using Facebook partners. These partners are companies that host e-commerce platforms. Among them are Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Magento, 3dcart, Storeden and OpenCar. This option is not yet available in Brazil.

Account approved

If your account is approved, a few days or weeks after registration, receive an alert on Instagram. Complete the process in Shopping. Then, you can start using all the benefits offered by the social media trading tool.

Instagram shopping: what does the feature offer?

sell on InstagramDisclosure / Instagram

If you really want to start selling on Instagram, it is important that you are aware of what the Purchases feature offers. For example, the platform does not have the completion of purchases. This means that it does not serve as a tool to carry out commercial transactions.

Therefore, it is necessary that your company has a viable means for making payments.

The purpose of the resource is to act as a kind of virtual showcase for the company's products. Put Instagram as a place of visibility for clothes, jewelry, accessories, makeup or whatever else you want to sell.

They can be published in the feed or in the stories. By touching the tag inserted in the product, the user can see the description, price and the link to the website where it is possible to buy it.

According to Facebook, it is possible to add up to five products per image or video publication and up to 20 publications of various images.

Tips for making your Instagram virtual store a success

For those who are starting sales on Instagram, there are some fundamental tips that can make a difference for your store to be noticed by the target audience. We have collected some that can help you stand out on the social network.

1. Invest in content

Sell ??on instagram

Make publications with a constant frequency so that customers get used to looking at the page of your company. Create posts that are not just about sales, but that serve to enhance your brand.

Tell us a little about the production process, show the human part of the company and generate good-natured content. But always write with your target audience in mind.

Incidentally, don't just write. Videos are also a great way to tell stories. Just be sure to include subtitles, as 85% of Facebook users watch videos from companies without audio. The data are from a study by MEC North America.

2. Stories, stories and more stories

Sell ??on InstagramDisclosure / Instagram

Give good attention to Instagram Stories. The number of users of the ephemeral post publishing tool grows every year. With that, the chance of your brand being seen as well.

The resource offers a number of devices that can reduce the distance between the store and customers. Among them are stickers, GIFs, creation of polls, space for questions, among others.

important that stories always have text inserted. After all, a photo without content written to mean nothing to the follower. Some text must also be placed on the videos, to draw the attention of those who have the audio turned off.

Although the publications only last 24 hours, it is possible to save them as a highlight on your profile. Organize highlights by product categories, helping your customers find what they need.

Kwai: how to create amazing videos and share on Status and Stories

3. Attention to detail

Sell ??on InstagramDisclosure / Instagram

Think of images that will get your target audience's attention amid a lot of information that appears in the news feed. A tip given by Instagram itself is to use textures at the bottom of the image that highlight your products.

Photos from different angles, such as the items seen from above, can also be a differential. Videos and photos with customers using their products are also a good request. Just be sure to ask them for permission to share.

4. Bet on hashtags (in moderation)

sell on instagramDisclosure / Instagram

Hashtags are a kind of virtual tag that classify and organize publications that use the same hashtags in one place. Therefore, a person interested in buying plants will probably search for hashtags related to the topic.

If you have a succulent store and use #loveplants on posts from your brand, it can increase the chances that it will be found by potential buyers.

You can also create creative hashtags, which include the name of the company or the name of a collection. Create one that makes consumers use these tags when posting photos with the items purchased.

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