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“Evasi0n” is the name of the new jailbreak solution from the newly formed evad3rs group

Less than a week ago we showed the new ?dream team? to fans of the jailbreak. Shortly after announcing that the tool will be compatible with any iGadget running iOS 6.1, the group evad3rshe just revealed the name of his long awaited solution: ?evasi0n?.

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The hacker team's new website has a progress bar showing what's missing for the method to be ready. Until the edition of this article, the Graphical User Interface (in English, "GUI") was being finalized and with the internal test as a next step a beta phase.

Check it out below or click on the image to go to the site.

Evasi0n site - screenshot

So far there is no exceptional news, but here are some interesting information from the site:

  • Minimum requirements for the installation in question: Windows XP, Mac OS X 10.5 or Linux x86 / x86_64;
  • The process of jailbreak it shouldn't take more than five minutes;
  • It will work on any iPad or iPhone / iPod touch running iOS 6.0-6.1, as well as second generation Apple TVs.

Now probably wait until this Sunday! But while the solution does not come out, a brief and informal survey: will you do the jailbreak? Why?

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