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Apple series have news in the cast; second season of “Carpool Karaoke” gets debut date

Another week, some more news for the growing catalog of original Apple series.


The first news of the day, as it brought the deadline, the newest wave of actors and actresses who are joining the series "Dickinson", about the American poetess Emily Dickinson. Just them: Toby Huss (in ?Halt and Catch Fire?), Anna Baryshnikov (from ?Manchester Beira-Mar?), Ella Hunt (from ?Os Miserveis?) and Adrian Blake Enscoe (in "Seeds").

Toby Huss, Anna Baryshnikov, Ella Hunt and Adrian Blake EnscoeToby Huss, Anna Baryshnikov, Ella Hunt and Adrian Blake Enscoe

The four actors will have regular roles in the series, which will adopt comic tones when portraying the period of the 19th century in which the poet lived, and will join the protagonist Hailee Steinfeld (nominated for an Oscar for ?Bravura Indmita?), who live the title character. As already disclosed, the production will be directed by filmmaker David Gordon Green (from remake in "Halloween") and other professionals, but we don't have a debut date yet.

"Are You Sleeping?"

O deadline also informed an exchange in the cast of another of the future series of Ma. "Are You Sleeping?", which brings Octavia Spencer (Oscar winner for ?Histrias Cruzadas?) as a presenter of an investigative podcast that gets involved with her cases, saw the departure of actress Moon Bloodgood and the entrance of Katherine LaNasa to your place.

Katherine LaNasaKatherine LaNasa

Bloodgood left the series for unspecified reasons after recording four of the eight episodes of the first season; LaNasa takes its place with a different role, rewritten by the writers, and some scenes will have to be remade. She joins Spencer and other well-known Hollywood names in the suspense series, such as Aaron Paul (in "Breaking Bad") and Elizabeth Perkins (from ?Sharp Objects?).

As "Dickinson" (and basically all series still in production at Apple), we don't have a release date for "Are You Sleeping?".

?Carpool Karaoke?

Finally, Apple released the release date for the second season of ?Carpool Karaoke? the new episodes will arrive from this Friday the 12th, with a new chapter released weekly. A trailer for the new season was also released by Ma:

The second season of the entertainment program will feature figures and celebrities like Matthew McConaughey, Snoop Dog, ?Weird Al? Yankovic, Andy Samberg, the Muppets and much more. The episodes will be released free of charge to all users of the TV app. It is not necessary to have an Apple Music subscription to access them.

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