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Apple may launch cheaper version of Airpods Pro, Lite!

Apple may launch cheaper version of Airpods Pro, Lite!

Recently, rumors started circulating that Apple is working on several projects that will be launched in the future. What most caught the attention among the products cited by the DigiTimes website, were the "Airpods Pro Lite" headphones. The other products mentioned were the iPad, Apple Watch and iMac, of the next generation, which should be launched in the coming months, with the expectation that the iPad and Apple Watch will be launched by the end of the year (after September).

Launch of new Apple products may be hampered by Coronavirus

The mention of the possible development of a Lite version was not just that, only its name was mentioned. It is likely that, as much as there are plans to launch the new edition of Airpods Pro, TWS headphones will be launched only after the situation of the Coronavirus outbreak has subsided. The slow progress in launching and producing products due, unfortunately, to the fact that the largest production of Apple products is in China, and recently, several factories, responsible for the manufacture of iPhones and Airpods, were closed, operating at the moment with a small number of employees (learn more about the situation here).

Airpods Pro on the left and first generation Airpods on the rightAirpods Pro on the left and first generation Airpods on the right

According to the sources responsible for the information obtained by Digitimes:

"Apple, by partnering with supply chains in Taiwan and China, can get its Taiwan partners to better manage the production of the next generation iPad, Apple Watch, AirPod Pro Lite and MiMac devices, to be launched later, because the epidemic increased the risks of raw materials, shortages of supplies and interruptions in shipments resulting from the uncertain resumption of normal operations at component suppliers and assembly plants in China. "

Airpods Pro Lite may not have ANC and wireless charging

The Airpods Pro Lite will probably be a version with fewer features than what we currently have, that is, it would cut off active noise cancellation (ANC or Active Noise Canceling), the wireless charging of the charging case and maybe even replace the touch commands by pressing physical buttons. This would bring a dramatic decrease in price, in my view, to somewhere around $ 150- $ 180.

What do you think of the idea of ??Apple launching "low cost" True Wireless headphones? Comment below and share your opinion with us!

Source: Macrumors, Appleinsider

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