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7 tips to improve your English using your computer

We know that English is the most important language for the job market today, and especially in the area of ??technology, understanding and speaking the language is no longer an advantage but an obligation. Today, we will suggest some habits that you can change, that will help you to improve your English.

In general, we learn something when we put ourselves in constant contact with our object of study. If the intention is to learn English, it is important to make any place you look, the language be present, or at least, for a large part of your day.

Change your smartphone language

It may seem simple, but changing the language of your smartphone to English can have many advantages. First, being exposed to the language brings familiarity and makes you learn new words. And with the presence of Google Assistant on Android and Siri on iOS, it is possible to perform some actions speaking only in English.

The Smartphone is present for most of the day of many people, and if everything you look at is in English (or a large part is in English), it will help you get used to it.

To change the language of your Android device to English very simple: just enter the settings, go to the option System, select Languages ??and input and click on the option Languages. That done, just click Add a language and in the list look for English and then select the region of your choice, such as the United States, Australia or the United Kingdom. Leave your Smartphone in English

Change your desktop language

In addition to changing the language of the smartphone, changing on the desktop further increases the exposure with language. If you don't spend that much time on your Smartphone, changing the language of your operating system on your computer can bring greater results. This process may vary depending on your operating system or interface, so search for information regarding this with the support of the system you use. Ubuntu Language

In Ubuntu, for example, to change the language, very simple: first in the top right menu, click on the Settings . That done, just select the option Region & Language, and in the Language option select English according to the desired region. Simple, right?

Another way to do this would be by searching the menu for "Language", and the option being displayed.

Practice Conversion

Practice the most important part when learning the language, so it is very important to lose the embarrassment of speaking. The tricky part is that you probably don't have any fluent at home to talk to, and even if you still have it, you will end up getting used to talking to a single person, and it is important to push it a little bit, after all, people speak in a way It is different and important to understand and be able to communicate with everyone and not just a few people.

Talking to people about different subjects in English which really brings you the famous flow, at least when we refer to the exchange of information. You can use technology to help you with that.

Cambly is a website and application that has native speakers from English speaking countries for all levels, and many of them also speak Portuguese, which makes the process even more smooth. Cambly teacher selection

It is possible to practice at any time of the day, since Cambly has teachers available 24 hours a day. If you prefer, you can also book a specific time for your class.

Available through the web and smartphone apps, you can train anytime and anywhere. Download the app for Android or iOS and try it out. Making a registration Cambly with the code DIOLINUXBLOG you are entitled to an entirely free class to try the platform. Cambly also offers classes for children from 3 years old through Cambly Kids, and it is possible to experience a 30 minute lesson for only R $ 1.00! We recently published a video on the channel on this topic and you can check it out below. In this video I comment on how I learned English:

When I tried Cambly, I realized that there are many other people who are in similar situations to mine, who need to practice conversation more often. The website interface is very simple to use, allowing you to search for experiences you want to have, such as practicing conversation, practicing communication for more formal presentations, studying the habits and customs of a specific country or location.

Conversation within Cambly
Norman and Dionatan – Cambly

For example, I looked for people from the technology area, who I knew would have more in common to talk to, as you can see in the video above. The tools available during the conversation and also on the feet, such as the replay / review tool, are really important to help you in the experience.

Run try the Cambly, do not miss this opportunity!

Consume content in English

A strategy that will help you a lot to learn English and to consume content in this language. It may seem like a simple measure (perhaps because many underestimate it is simple), but watching series and movies with subtitles can help you increase your vocabulary and get used to the pronunciation of the language. When you are more confident, change the subtitles to English as well, until finally you can consume without any subtitles. That '70s Show

Try to watch something you like very much and you won't mind reviewing it a few times, watching it once with subtitles in Portuguese, then with subtitles in English and finally without subtitles, you end up learning to understand more easily what is being said , in addition to learning new words and their spelling.

Listen to music in English

Listening to music in English is also a great strategy for learning at home (or wherever you are), the same goes for podcasts. For the best language absorption, follow the translation of the music while listening. This will make your vocabulary even richer! Translation of the beginning of music

In fact, music in particular usually adjusts the tone of words so that rhymes eventually occur, or has some potent licenses and pronounces the words or conjugates verbs in a "wrong" way on purpose, so it is good to be aware, however, if you are already able to understanding music easily means that your ability to hear and understand is already improving.

When you feel more confident with the language, a great exercise is to pick up a song and try to translate it just by listening. After that, compare it with the original letter and the translation to see how much you got it right.

Change your games to English too

I bet many of you learned your first English words with games, even at the time that you had no idea what they really meant, but learned from the context, for example, that Start started a game, and Quit closed the application. Red Dead Redemption 2 with English subtitles

Nowadays, especially games with history, they also have English subtitles, and you can make your fun time even richer if you practice the language while playing. Games, unlike music, will usually provide a context for words, which helps you to understand things better.

One way to communicate with the world

What makes English really interesting for me is that it is a way for you to communicate with the whole world, or at least most of it. Through communication, you literally have several doors open for work, leisure and education opportunities, which you would not otherwise have full access to.

Despite the clear advantages, I confess that one of the things that makes me more satisfied is to understand the context of the conversations in the content that I watch in English, which are the majority of my day, there are expressions and even jokes that make no sense or have no meaning. the smallest grace when translated, and I am not only talking about cops in action films, which include one of these cases of forced translation.

It is like a curiosity for you who never asked about it: The English word generally used in these circumstances cops, which means cops, however, cops is a very quick word to be said and when it comes to dubbing for Brazilian Portuguese, speak Cops it would take lip sync a lot, that is, lip sync, so the word Tiras was chosen, even if no one had ever heard or used it. Fortunately nowadays it is more historical than actually used, but that is an example.

Take advantage of the opportunities and make small adjustments, this will help you to get better in English little by little.

See you later, folks!

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