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There's a lot more to see in the skies in February than just the Super Snow Moon

You have heard (or read) that this weekend is the full moon Snow Moon. It is called not because it refers specifically to the atmospheric condition, but because it coincides with the snow season in the northeastern United States. For most experts the first Super Moon of 2020.

And if you haven?t seen this bigger, whiter and brighter full moon that?s been lighting up the sky since last Friday, know that you have until tomorrow morning to do it. However, during the rest of the month, you can be entertained with other astronomical views.

More specifically, all planets visible to the naked eye can be observed in the night sky of February 2020 and this includes Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jpiter and Saturn.

You can obtain information on hours, location and other observation tips from the Lisbon Astronomical Observatory website. Dedicated to the night sky of February, on the same page it has data on the different phases of the Moon, not only this weekend like the rest of the month.

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