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REVIEW: Sony WI-C200 is the basic headset for your day-to-day

The WI-C200 stands out for its excellent battery life and powerful bass, however, it stands out for its fragile construction and quality sound below expectations.

O WI-C200 only headphones bluetooth in-ear headphones made for an audience that wants to hear your music with quality at a lower price. Unlike premium products from Sony launched last year as the WF-1000XM3, the WI-C200 focuses on a simpler construction, without the technologies found in older cousins.

Now, if the WI-C200 stands out from your competitors? We received the headset for testing and you can check the complete analysis now.

WI-C200 BudsThe buds of the WI-C200 are very small and the cables that connect to them appear to be very fragile


O WI-C200 a bluetooth headset with minimalist design, but wired. Its construction is very similar to sports headphones, where the wire that connects each of the flat buds and rests behind the neck. However, the biggest drawbacks of this choice is the too long thread that creates loops just below the jaw line, which in addition to not being elegant, can get caught in something.

WI-C200 curvesDue to the long size of the wire, the WI-C200 creates unattractive and uncomfortable curves in the first uses

Because it is Bluetooth, the WI-C200 has a control module on the right side of the phone. In it, basic controls such as giving play / pause, advance and go back bands, increase decrease the volume and activate the Google Assistant (Android) or Crab (iOS). Not only responsible for the control, the module also creates a weight balance so that the handset is stable and comfortable for the user. For this, the Sony added a counterweight on the left side of the same size and weight as the control module.

The most disappointing factor in the WI-C200 the quality of the material used in its construction. The plastic is too simple, giving the impression of fragility on both the module and the cable that leads to the buds. It is recommended to never remove or pull the earphone by the cable and avoid bending it too much when storing it.

WI-C200 modulesThe WI-C200 control module and counterweight are constructed of a plastic that appears to be very fragile

The charging port for the headphones Sony it is housed in the control module. It uses connection USB-C, like the entire line of sound products launched by the company in 2019, which will please users a lot because of the ease of using the charger on their smartphone to charge it.

Passive isolation of WI-C200 can be considered good for use in environments with little noise. In noisy environments, such as urban centers, the user may be bothered, as sounds such as horns, external music and people talking at high volume easily pass through the isolation and disturb the sound experience.


Using its greatest sound assets, the Sony put in WI-C200 a sound driver from 9mm that reproduce excellent bass for such a small device. However, that's it. The sound reproduced is unbalanced and has some very uncomfortable points in the reproduction of medium and high frequencies.

To perform the tests, several songs of the most varied genres were played, in addition to the use of smartphone equalization to understand the limits of each frequency of the WI-C200.

Magnetic buds from WI-C200WI-C200 buds are magnetic and can rest on the user's neck like a necklace

As stated earlier, bass frequencies are the highlight here, music like Bad Guy of the pop singer Billie Eilish and Madness of the alternative rock band Muse are extremely benefited and reproduced with deep bass and sub-bass well defined. Bass lines, bass strings and bass drop (common climax in genres of dubstep and electronics) sound like a sound explosion and please bass lovers. Although the mid-low frequencies are not so well defined, the phone proved to be great for playing music pop, electronics and dubstep.

The average frequencies are well timid, almost nonexistent. Music like Barstool Warrior of the metal band Dream Theater and Jesus of Suburbia alternative band green Day, which have the guitar with distortion as the basis for the sound construction of the music, has no prominence. The lack of mid and mid / treble leaves the sound very poor, lacking definition in both guitars and vocals that are also present in this frequency.

The treble is slightly higher than the middle, but it also has little definition. When equalizing and trying to make this frequency more apparent and balanced, the WI-C200 reaches its limits when we try (unsuccessfully) to make the sound clear and clear. The music is opaque, resembling cheaper headphones and less powerful drives.

Battery and Connectivity

The battery WI-C200 has 15 hours of autonomy in continuous use, taking 3 hours to fully load. Charging via the USB-C port on the control module, which can be charged via PRAÇA, Notebook or cell phone charger 5W.

The autonomy is very satisfactory for a headset in this price range, however, the WI-C200 has none timer or sensor that identifies that the handset is not in use. For example, if the user takes off the headphones and leaves it in storage, but forgets to turn it off, it consumes the battery continuously.

WI-C200 control moduleThe WI-C200 control module has everything you need to take your smartphone out of your pocket

The connection of the Sony done via Bluetooth 5.0, which means connection in very high quality, without gagging and locking when playing music. However, for users who are going to use it for games or watching series and movies, I will notice a slight delay between audio and video.


O WI-C200 it has a simple microphone model, made just to break a branch in calls and voice messages. During our tests, in quieter locations, the microphone manages to capture the voice satisfactorily, even if it is slightly muffled and without much definition.

In places with more noise such as urban centers and shopping malls, the microphone suffers to separate the voice from the external noise and the result is not good. It is difficult for the person on the other side to understand what is being said.


O WI-C200 gives Sony is the most accessible option of the company's bluetooth headsets and will meet the expectations of the least demanding audience in terms of sound quality. Despite the fragility, the headset is worth the R $ 199.00 charged, as long as the user is careful with its handling.

The cost-benefit ratio is quite satisfactory if you consider the connection Bluetooth 5.0the best battery life and very present bass. If the idea of ??buying it for a more basic daily use, buy it without fear. However, music addicts should think twice, since the phone is far from delivering sound details seen in the company's premium products like WF-1000XM3.

O WI-C200 can be found in the official online store of Sony in Brazil.

Technical specifications of WI-C200

Model WI-C200
Connectivity Bluetooth 5.0Codec: SBC, AAC
Drums 15h duration
Frequency response 20 Hz 20,000 Hz (44.1 kHz Sampling)
Weight Approx. 19g
Color Black White
Price R $ 199.00
  • Design – 7.5 / 10
  • Sound – 6.5 / 10
  • Connectivity – 9.5 / 10
  • Microphone – 5/10
  • Drums – 10/10

7.7 / 10

Sony WI-C200 the basic headset for your day-to-day

The WI-C200 stands out for its excellent battery life and powerful bass, however, it lacks its fragile construction and quality sound below expectations.


  • Light and comfortable
  • Drums
  • Powerful bass
  • Fast loading


  • Glare medium and high frequencies
  • Fragility
  • Low quality microphone