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OnePlus phones get 'assistant mode' from Google Assistant, which makes the screen smart

Source: Forum OnePlus Source: Forum OnePlus

During IFA 2019, at the end of last year, the Ambient Mod for Android smartphones was announced. At the time, the first phones to debut functionality were Nokia and Lenovo devices. Now, OnePlus has announced that it will also make available in the next few days the "ambient mode" of Google Assistant, which makes the screen of mobile phones smart.

Environment Mode intelligently displays proactive information and suggestions on the screen

Environment Mode, consists of intelligently displaying proactive information and suggestions on the smartphone screen, such as, for example, weather, activities on your calendar, entertainment options, reminders and more. This is a feature implemented in the existing application and integrated with Android phones, Google Assistant. The tool is also capable of transforming the phone into a digital picture frame or an interface to control smart home gadgets, which connect to the internet and allow to be controlled from the OnePlus, or another device with this function.

The ambient mode is capable of performing the function of a smart display or pixel stand, where the lock screen of the cell phone displays the time with large numbers or a photo presentation in slide show format. Below are the notifications of applications, tasks in your calendar, suggestions for entertainment, reminders and more. Finally, there are commands for smart home devices such as lamps, music players, air conditioning, etc., and a shortcut to Google Assistant.

Ambient Mode in Google Assistant. Source: Android (YouTube)Ambient Mode in Google Assistant. Source: Android (YouTube)

New functionality may take up to a week to arrive for everyone

According to OnePlus, the launch of the new functionality may take up to a week and covers from OnePlus 3 to the latest models. When the tool is available, you will notice that there will be a notification to configure the feature provided by the Google Assistant while your cell phone is working. You can also manually activate the ambient mode by accessing the app Google> More> Settings> Google Assistant> select Assistant tab> Devices (phone).

It is important to note that to use Ambient Mode, it is necessary that the smartphone has at least Android 8 Oreo or higher. Check out a video below showing the new functionality in action:

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Source: 9to5google

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