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Developers remain wary of the Mac App Store

O Setapp, the Mac app subscription service, released the results of its annual developer satisfaction survey for the Mac App Store and, of course, for its own service. This year, about 814 developers responded to the survey more than the number of responses obtained in 2016 and 2017.

Setapp survey on Mac App Store satisfaction

Comparing the results released last year with this year, the number of developers who chose to distribute their applications exclusively through the Mac App Store decreased by one and reached 22%. The number of software sold both on the Mac App Store and abroad also fell by 1%, but it remains the most widely used form of distribution. As a result, the number of developers who chose to sell their applications outside of Ma's store has increased; last year it was 30%, this year it is 32%.

Developers continue to bill more outside the Mac App Store than at the Apple store as expected, as the company retains 30% of the app's value. This year, 41% of them said that sales revenue was better on the Mac App Store, against 44% last year.

According to data from Setapp, the chance for developers to recommend the Mac App Store has been fluctuating since 2016, when the rate was -23NPS (the rating varies between -100 and 100); in 2017, dissatisfaction increased (-34 SPL) and this year it decreased again (-19 SPL).

Setapp survey on Mac App Store satisfaction

Another positive point on the Apple side is the developers' satisfaction with the Mac App Store and the rate snapped up by the company per sale. In this sense, in 2016, 62% believed that it was not worth repaying 30% of the app's value to sell their applications on the Mac App Store; in 2017, that number increased to 69%. Now, more than 50% of the interviewed developers are, in a way, comfortable with this charge.

Setapp survey on Mac App Store satisfaction

In another turn of events, the number of developers who evaluated the sandboxing as one of the reasons for not distributing your apps on the Mac App Store has dropped from 71% last year to just 7% this year! Overall, the two main reasons for not working with the Mac App Store included the app review process by the Apple team and, again, the fee snapped up by the company over the value of the software.

Setapp survey on Mac App Store satisfaction

As in the past year, 20% of developers have decided to adopt the subscription model for their applications; of these, 81% said that this change had a positive impact on revenue and 65% said that the customer base grew more actively. Not surprisingly, most developers (76%) use and recommend this payment model.

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With macOS Mojave, made available at the end of last month, Apple introduced a new interface from the Mac App Store, which is now more like the version of the iOS app store. We will see, therefore, what the results of the next year will be like and how the developers, as well as the users themselves, will give their opinion on the Ma app store.

via MacRumors

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