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Beats Solo3 Wireless wins special edition of Mickey Mouse

In 1928, Walt Disney presented his most celebrated creation to the world, made in partnership with illustrator Ub Iwerks: Mickey Mouse. The most famous mouse in the world has become an almost alive character and the symbol of an empire is a figure loved by some and loathed by others, but, under any tactic, one of the defining creations of the 20th century.

Now Mickey completes his 90 anniversary. And what is the best way to honor him? Stamping your figure in a special series of headphones, perhaps? Good probably no, but anyway it was what Apple (little friend of Disney since Steve Jobs entered the giant through the Pixar) did through its subsidiary Beats.

O Mickey Mouse Solo3 Wireless , as the name implies, is a commemorative edition of Beats' most affordable wireless headphone. We have here a gray finish with several figures of the legendary mouse stamped on its sides, an inscription reading ?Heritage 1928? on the inside of the rods, a special protective felt cover (inspired by the materials of the hats with Mickey ears, according to the manufacturer) with the Beats and Disney brands, a sticker that can be traced and a pin commemorative.

For the rest, we're talking about the same Beats Solo3 Wireless we're used to, with the W1 chip for instant connection to your iTrecos, 40-hour battery and technology Fast Fuel which allows three hours of playback with a five-minute charge.

The special issue will be sold starting November 11 in stores at Apple (physical and online) and Disney, in addition to Amazon and Best Buy. She leave by $ 330 $ 30 more than the ?regular? version of the accessories.

via 9to5Mac