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App Store and Google Play once again break world records for downloads and revenue

The App Store may be shrinking in number of apps and growth, but that does not mean that the number of users for the titles that exist there is cooled off anyway. Quite the contrary: this new survey of the Annie app shows that Ma?s app store alongside its Google competitor continues to break all records when metrics are downloads and revenue.

In the survey for the first quarter of 2018 and taking into account global data, the combined downloads from the App Store and Google Play grew 10% over the same period in 2017, breaking the records set at the end of last year. Putting it all together, 27.5 billion of app downloads, generating total revenue from $ 18.4 billion an increase of 22%.

Annie App Survey on App Store and Google Play, Q1 2018

It is worth noting that the App Annie only takes into account first installations; that is, updates or redownloads of applications (when you buy a new device, for example) do not enter the calculation. The revenue calculated by the firm, in turn, takes into account only the money generated by the direct purchase of applications, In-App Purchases and subscriptions made within the apps; in fact, the economy of this segment is much greater than that, taking into account internal advertising, e-commerce and much more.

Comparing the two stores, as expected, Google Play is far ahead of the App Store in terms of total downloads 19.2 billion at the Mountain View store, against 8.2 billion in Cupertino, in this first quarter. The difference, however, is narrowing: when compared to the same period last year, the gap between App Store and Google Play has narrowed by 10%.

Annie App Survey on App Store and Google Play, Q1 2018

On the other hand, in terms of the amount of money spent by consumers, the App Store remains unbeatable: $ 12 billion expenses at Ma's store in the first quarter, account for about $ 6.5 billion Google's. However, as in the chart above, this gap is narrowing: while the App Store has grown 20% year-over-year, Google Play rose 25%.

The App Annie also states that, on the iOS side, the category "Health and fitness" was the one that had the highest growth quarter by quarter possibly due to the New Year's promises, suggests the firm (and I can confirm the information). The USA, the United Kingdom and Germany were the countries that most contributed to the growth of the store's revenue, in general; On the Google Play side, growth came more from emerging countries, such as India, Indonesia and our beloved Federative Republic of Brazil.

Overall, the firm says that after a record-breaking year of 2017, app stores have everything they need to make 2018 even better and beat even more brands. To be? Developers, get to work!

via TechCrunch

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