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3 Google Maps features to keep you safe in the real world

In addition to helping users get to destinations with useful routes and information, Google Maps was also built to provide users with security and help them move about on a daily basis.

?With Google Maps, you can use online tools to help data in real time safer, whether you're working, going out or anything related,? says Google.

In the USA, 9 people are killed every day as a result of distraction while driving. Simple everyday actions in the car take your attention off the road and easily lead to an accident.

To avoid accidents, Google Maps offers integration with Google Assistant to help you perform these daily tasks, all without having to use your hands.

According to the company, Google Assistant to get directions, find a nearby restaurant and even change a song without having to touch your phone.

Another feature is the possibility to share your estimated arrival time with friends and family directly from Google Maps.

With just a few taps, you can instantly inform those who are waiting for you, without having to fumble to make a call or make a call or send a message.

Stay connected with your loved ones in case of an emergency

Things happen and you can anticipate problems. In case of dangerous travel, you can create your own safety net with Google Maps by sharing your location in real time with trusted friends and family.

They can see where you are at a glance, the amount of battery in your smartphone and the directions to your location. Learn more about sharing your location here.

Don't get lost – even when you're offline

Google Maps allows you to download a map of an area for clear instructions throughout your trip. So, you can avoid standing in the middle of nowhere for hours. Learn more about downloading offline maps here.

Real-time information during times of crisis

During a natural disaster or accident, such as an earthquake, fire or flood, having the information you need quickly is essential.

With Google Maps you can click on an area affected by an accident and quickly see emergency contact numbers and closed roads in the area.

It is also possible to view the day and time when the road closure was reported and to check whether a road is closed or not, an extremely useful tool in such a situation.

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