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Voice assistant on Android may arrive later this year

According to a TechCrunch publication this Saturday, Google hopes to provide an update to Android's Voice Actions feature by the fourth quarter of 2012, which would allow the mobile operating system to better understand its users' request.

Formerly known as Majel, the Android voice assistant should earn the official name ?Google Assistant? and has been working to be an open source project to enable developers to integrate the technology in their applications and products.

According to a TechCrunch source, the project involves three parts:

1 – Get knowledge of the world in a format that a computer can understand.2 – Create a personalization layer – Experiences like Google +1 and Google+ are a means of collecting data on how people interact with content.3 – Build it is a mobile environment, a voicemail ('Assistant') that returns less search results and explores more real-life goals.

Google did not comment on the information released by the American blog.