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New mophie external battery charges up to your MacBook at full speed

THE mophie widely considered one of the best manufacturers of external batteries in the world and the newest creation of the Californian company will certainly make the eyes of those who need extra doses of energy for their devices at any time. Is the powerstation USB-C 3XL:

External battery mophie powerstation USB-C 3XL

With a huge battery of 26,000mAh, the new powerbank the most powerful ever launched by mophie; its 45W USB-C output can charge a MacBook at the maximum speed supported by the computer the manufacturer promises up to 18 extra hours of use for the machine (depending on its level of use, of course). MacBook Pro owners can also charge them with the external battery, but not at full power (and the extra usage time won't be that great either).

In addition, the accessory's USB-C port can charge iPhones or iPads at full power, 18W and 30W, respectively, remembering that, for this, you will need a USB-C cable for Lightning. Alternatively, you can recharge these devices via the USB-A port on the powerbank, which is a little slower (12W) but at least releases the USB-C output for you to charge two devices at the same time (a MacBook and an iPhone, for example).

The powerstation USB-C 3XL has a technology called priority + charging, which allows you to plug the accessory into the socket at night with your devices connected to it. The feature transfers power first to the computer / smartphone / tablet and then recharges the external battery for safety. With that, when you wake up, everything will be properly (and safely) loaded.

With fabric covering and four LEDs with power indicators, the powerstation USB-C 3XL is already on sale on the mophie website and on Apple's physical and online stores for $ 200. No, the animal is not cheap, but the benefits are many. Who's going?

via Cult of Mac

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