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New details about Google's computer glasses

In December, as you can follow here, Google would be working on a secret project – inside the mysterious Google X lab in which it could reveal a computerized glasses with the Android operating system.

Now, according to a 9to5google informant, who gained access to the alleged glasses, said the equipment was being worked on to help with augmented reality applications and other features.

?He will also take pictures. The spied prototype has a flash, perhaps to help capture images at night, or perhaps it is just a way to take better pictures. The camera is extremely small and probably only a few megapixels. ?

?The Heads Up Display (HUD) just for one eye and is on the side. It is neither transparent nor has 3D configurations, as previously speculated. The navigation system used today is based on tilting the head to move and click ?

"They say that it is very fast to learn and once the user absorbs all the details of navigation, it becomes almost indistinguishable to external users".

The informant further suggested that the glasses power input and output of voice and CPU / RAM / storage hardware close to the most current generation of Android, somewhere between 1GHz ARM A8, 256MB of RAM and 8GB of storage. Another detail that the company would be considering the idea of ??doing a pilot program with the enthusiastic employees of the company, something similar to Cr-48, the father of Chromebooks, last year.

Will we have eyes like RoboCop, or even more advanced like the Terminator?