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Influencers post intimate tanning on Instagram and doctors criticize | Social networks

The practice exhibition started with a publication by the influencer @metaphysicalmeagan, which already exceeds three thousand likes. She posted a photo for her 25,900 followers in which she poses completely naked in the sun, with her back on the floor, lifting her legs and holding her feet. In the post caption, Meagan explains that he is tanning his leg, an ancient taosta practice "more energizing than drinking coffee".

Instagrammer admits that she "catches a little sun" in the region for five minutes, every morning. Adept of the practice for a few months, she lists the benefits of tanning in the leg: strengthening of the organs, aid in a healthy libido and balanced sexual energy, better nights of sleep, increased creativity, sustaining strength and longevity of the body etc.

Meagan is not the only enthusiast of the technique. "In a mere 30 seconds of sunlight in your nudes, you will receive more energy from that electrical node than in a whole day basking in your clothes," says influencer @ra_of_earth. In a video that exceeds 53 thousand views, he gestures towards the sun while three naked men lie down, point their legs at the sky and emit sounds of pleasure.

Tanning in the leg can result in burns

Despite the practice's display on social networks, there is no scientific study to prove its effectiveness or even recommend tanning in the leg. Incidentally, according to obstetrician and gynecologist Jennifer Gunter, who writes for The New York Times about women's health, sunbathing in the region can be a bad idea.

"I speak with complete confidence when I say that the nudes and the leg have no special abilities to concentrate sunlight. You can get melanoma on the vulva and sunburn that are very painful," she explains on Twitter.