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Easily transfer files between iGadgets and Macs with the Instashare app

As soon as I got my eye on this app, I thought: Apple * needs * to implement something similar on OS X / iOS now! I speak of Instashare, which makes it easy! exchanging files (photos, PDF, MP3, presentations, etc.) between an iPad / iPhone / iPod touch and a Mac.


The developers are not lying when they say it is AirDrop (native feature on OS X Lion or higher) on Apple's desktop and mobile platforms.

No more sending messages (iMessages) and emails to yourself with the file attached or waiting for the photo to reach ?Share Photos? (in iPhoto on OS X) to be able to access the image. With Instashare, just drag and drop the desired file onto the Mac /iGadget devices must have the app open and the transfer will automatically start. All this with a very tasteful look.

It is worth watching the promotional video to understand the simple and easy operation:

D or not give a bath in Apple's native solutions? In iCloud the scheme is pretty on paper, but in practice it doesn't work so well. Via iTunes, then, a disaster. Having to plug the iPhone into the Mac, open the jukebox, navigate to the device, select the "Applications" tab, scroll down to find the charge for which and transfer the file into it anything but practical and intuitive.

In addition, Instashare works via Wi-Fi (without the need for internet) or Bluetooth, does not require any type of registration, has no restrictions on the type of file transferred!

Maybe more than time for Apple to change that maybe on iOS 7. While that moment is not coming, Instashare is about to save us. It is available for OS X, iOS and Android and will soon also be available for Windows.

Instashare - Transfer files app icon

Instashare Air Drop app icon

(via TNW)

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