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Bloomberg says Apple will launch “iWatch” in 2013 [atualizado 2x]

The buzzword in Apple's world of rumors, the ?iWatch? is a fictional name for a supposedly smart watch. Much has been said about it and Blommberg one of the big vehicles that turns and moves brings information on the subject.

Concept of

One of the many ?iWatch? concepts.

She already said, for example, that more than 100 designers from Ma would be working on the project, but today it went a little further and brought more news that, if they are really hot, will prove that Tim Cook did not say that Apple is working on products new lip service categories, just to try to calm the stock slump.

According to Peter Burrows and Olga Kharif, Apple will launch an ?iWatch? still in 2013 as always, the information would come from anonymous people inside the company's plans. ?Proof of this? that she has already registered around 80 patents that address the term wrist (pulse).

Another new piece of information that the article brought up addresses the alleged interest of Jony Ive (Apple design chief) in watches. In addition to having many cool models (top of the line from several manufacturers), Ive and his team would have visited several watch factories and ordered many sports models manufactured by Nike in the 2000s, said Scott Wilson (former Nike creative director) and creator of TikTok + LunaTik, a bracelet to be used with the sixth generation iPod nano).

The problem with this whole story is that Corning (resistant glass manufacturers and Apple's partner) has developed a really cool curved glass (Willow Glass) that has everything to be used by Ma if she really launches an ?iWatch?, but it will only be available on the market in about three years, time needed for Corning to talk to partners and teach them everything about their technology.

However, contrary to what some sites said, Apple does not need Corning to launch the "iWatch" this year if that is the company's will, of course. That's because, in mid-2012, Han Sang-beom (CEO of LG Display and also a partner of Apple) said that production of flexible screens at LG would begin by the end of 2013, with mass production scheduled for the beginning of 2014 which more or less matches the schedule suggested by Bloomberg.

Nothing, absolutely none of that is guaranteed, but it is part of the game of rumors to gather the information that is wandering around in order to try to assemble the puzzle. We know that Apple only enters a market when it has something really concrete, cool, different to offer. Today, no one knows whether Ive and his team have managed to develop such a watch.

The truth is that many of these rumors are fueled by analysts whose thoughts are based on numbers. In the case of ?iWatch?, for example, Anand Srinivasan (an analyst at Bloomberg Industries) said that the watch market was worth $ 60 billion in 2013 and that, despite being less than TVs, another supposed market that Apple could coming soon, the profit margin of this type of device is 60%, four times higher than that of televisions (something aligned with Ma's strategy).

Of course, Apple aims to profit and not to launch a product to lose money, but we cannot just take this index (market potential) and take it as truth to define whether the company enters a specific segment or not. If that were the case, Apple would be a Samsung, a GE or a Ericsson for life, operating in the most diverse areas.

(via 9to5Mac, MacRumors, Patently Apple)


O The Verge it also brought new information about "iWatch". According to them, unlike the sixth generation iPod nano, the supposed Apple watch runs a full version of iOS, which would be causing battery problems it wants to reach a target of 4-5 days of battery, but the current prototype would be holding up well less than that (a few days at most).

In addition, for the integration with iPads and iPhones / iPods touch to be seamless, Apple will also need to make some changes to their iOS.

Update II

Here are the Nike watch models Ive requested.