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Apple rents over 29,000m² factory in California

When not buying, Apple is renting new facilities to expand its activities and services and, as we well know, Apple's appetite is not small. This time, the company signed a 10-year contract to rent a factory of about 29,000m in Milpitas, an industrial space in Santa Clara County (California).

The information brought by the Silicon Valley Business Journal he realizes that the installation is part of a project by the real estate developer McCarthy Ranch in the region called McCarthy Creekside, where an industrial center of more than 74,000m is being built. According to the newspaper, Apple will pay about $ 0.90 for the square meter, that is, approximately $ 26k.

Apple already owns (and also rents) several spaces in the area that constitutes the popular Silicon Valley, but most of them are offices. This time, it is likely that the new space, due to its monumental size, will be highlighted for the manufacture or development of some project as large as the installation itself. Can you imagine what it would be?

A theory possible that the new space may have something to do with Apple's automotive plans. As we know, 2,700 Ma employees have access to the databases of the Titan Project, which already has a place where the efforts of this project are concentrated.

If Apple expands its activities related to the development of Project Titan for Milpitas, it is likely that it will do so due to the technological development of the region for autonomous vehicles. Lastly, investments in research and development related to autonomous driving have grown exponentially, partly thanks to the SF Motors electric vehicle factory.

Last week, we commented that the analyst Ming-Chi Kuo maintained the forecast for a possible launch of the ?Apple Car? between 2023 and 2025. Until then, Apple has time to expand its activities and properties.

via AppleInsider

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