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5G auction: National roaming is mandatory for new operators and "recommended" for others

National roaming was one of the "conditions" defined in the proposed regulation for the 5G auction that gave rise to more explanations at the conference organized this morning by Anacom. Despite not admitting that this is one of the topics of greatest friction with operators, Joo Cadete de Matos, president of Anacom, explained the option in detail, guaranteeing that it is the most rational.

Operators have been arguing that national roaming is a disincentive to investment and stated in the debate at the APDC congress that they did not agree with the measure, despite admitting infrastructure sharing. But, as expected, this is one of the obligations defined in the auction.

In the proposal that will now be under public consultation, Anacom states that the objectives of public interest only translate into the need to promote greater competition in the electronic communications market and "considered the integration of a set of measures in the auction to be essential to enable a balance between the guarantee of conditions for new entities to enter the market and for the development of existing operations ".

National roaming appears mentioned in the set of conditions associated with the use of the spectrum, promoting "investment sharing incentives, namely at the level of national roaming, namely in low density parishes and Aores and Madeira".

"It is up to the regulator to create the conditions so that new entrants have the possibility of entering the market", says the president of Anacom, referring that this may be through sharing infrastructures, such as virtual mobile operators (MVNO), national roaming or purchase of spectrum.

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