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4 apps that can help you on rainy days

If you live in the Southeast region of Brazil, you certainly woke up this Monday (10th) with several news reports showing the case caused by the rains in several cities. So Paulo is one of them, and also one of the most affected. This was already expected for this time of the year, since, in the summer, the rain rates increase and, consequently, cause many disturbances in large cities.

We have no way of avoiding the rains, but fortunately, technology is about to give strength in situations like this. After all, you never know when unforeseen events may happen in your city. See below some applications that can help, especially if you live in the city of São Paulo.


THE Rentbrella It is the largest umbrella sharing company in the world and is present at Mackenzie-Higienpolis, Oscar Freire and Butant stations on Line 4-Yellow, in addition to commercial buildings. To use the service, you need to download the application, register your credit card and then take the umbrella from the nearest machine. After using it, simply return the object to any machine in the company. For 24 hours, the rental of the accessory is free – you only pay if you exceed this period.


With Quicko, it is possible to reach your destination in the quickest or cheapest way. The application informs different compositions of routes for users, creating intermodal routes and offering multiple options, which can be a hand in the wheel on catholic days like rainy days. In addition to routing, the app keeps users informed, sending information about city events, such as rains and unexpected problems in public transport. Quicko has real-time data on subways, trains and buses, as well as nearby shared bikes and taxis.


Waze is a social GPS application in traffic where users receive information about the roads. The app is used to escape from congestion, radar and accidents, but it can also be used to alert floods and plot alternative routes for the driver.


Climatempo is one of the most popular weather forecast applications in Brazil, providing weather alerts and radar. In addition to monitoring the current weather conditions, you can plan the day with information for your neighborhood and your city.